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More than just your home
Buying and Selling Your Real Estate is not Just a Transaction, It's an Event that Shapes your Life and your Livelihood
As your broker, DCG  brings you not only brokerage services but also consultation on where you want to be today and tomorrow and how to get there.  The three main dynamics of real estate are price, location and structure.  Each dynamic effects the other.  Optimizing all three leads to enriched living and savvy investing...


The down payment plus the financing.  When buying, it's where the journey begins.  Weather you are a cash buyer or a leveraged investor, first consider the financial capability.  What's the right amount of debt to carry given the market and economical potentials.  Your home can earn money not just appreciate - an owner occupied multi unit may increase purchasing power and build equity faster.  When selling, price is major factor in marketability,  it is also the seller's major consideration on when, how and even if to market.


Though a remorseful home owner or investor may wish, location can not be changed.  Location is a huge factor in what drives livability and thereby demand.  Therefore it must be a consideration not just today but throughout your investment horizon.  Ease of transportation, improving schools, walkability, access to amenities, safety and sense of commuinty, all of these drive a desireable location.  Of course, all of these aspects are dynamic over time, understanding the loacation trends, risks and opportunities make for ever improving livability and return on investment.


Unlike location, everything about the structure can be changed.  But it requires time and money.  What's ok now, may have opportunity to be even better tomorrow.  Once the financial capabilities are assessed and the desirable location is determined, understanding the structure's opportunities, flexibility and limitations are key.  It impacts near and long term livability and can also uncover additional equity improvement.  Weather buying or selling; layout, mechanicals, fixtures, decoration, exterior appeal are elements that are completely adjustable and opportunistic if you have the right understanding or consultation regarding the structure.
As your partner in selling or buying real estate, our first step is to consult with you on the dynamics of real estate.  Your first step should be to prepare yourself not just for today but for tomorrow.  Contact DCG Realty  for an initial consultation.
DCG Realty
More than Just Your Home.