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The Brokers of DCG Appraisal Inc., Didem and Charles Greco, have a long history with Chicago's  northside real estate market.  Their philosophy is that the full potential in buying and selling residential real estate is unlocked when it is approached as much more than a simple transaction of searching or listing, negotiating and closing. 
Long before starting DCG, Charlie and Didem were investors and developers of residential real estate in Chicago's ever regentrifying Northside market.  It was their dissatisfaction with  large brokerages treating the process as a series of simple transactions - pushing buyers and sellers to turn their property, rather than being strategic and consultative that drove them to start their own brokerage. 
Answering  the client's need for both shelter and prosperity takes time, knowledge, deliberation and thoughtful action. 
Because of Charlie and Didem's  years of experience in appraising, purchasing, rehabbing, renting, selling and brokering, they have extensive knowledge in all types of residential property structures on Chicago's Northside.
Didem and Charlie prefer to partner in the process of buying and/or selling real estate.  DCG is not a large brokerage house and never will be.  DCG's profile and philosophy allow Didem and Charlie to do what they enjoy most about Real Estate, helping to fulfill  life today while building tomorrow.

Didem Greco

Charles M Greco
Managing Broker